27-year old DJ, remixer & producer has matched his first couples of beats in year 2006. Enthusiasm which took him into next level of passion that he discovered got him to the point where he had to collect the resources, clear the priorities, set the direction and loose himself behind the decks for further couple of years. In this period he starts with first remix production experiments which gets real proportions in 2010 with his first mash-up called “uPad it Like a G6“. The same year reveals also the end of amateurism at his DJ sets and the first monthly-regular session “EarGasm“ broadcasted at sense.fm is born. This show contains 2-hour mix of essential trance saga. Even in these years his sets are based as a story telling and each track is a part of its story line. Thanks to this motive and harmonic mixing, a technique which he was learning for years, sets and live performances themselves reach the atypical „non-slovakian“ level.

First big gigs come after few DJ contests, mainly the warm-up DJing at John O´Callaghan´s event @ Dopler Club, Bratislava and New Year headline opening at Happy End Club at High Tatras Resort. This caused a brand new start of club gigs and residential events in many venues in Bratislava and other Slovakian cities during years 2011-2012.

After building a project SoundTonic project, "LunchBeat" and "LunchDeep" podcast and gigging for next 3 years all over Slovakia and abroad, MyGee decided to step up a level and get into production on a pro level and swapping Bratislava for pacey London in 2015.

For booking and press inquiries, please contact pHONE NUMBER +447479875050


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